Asphalt Boots: Better Protection, Better Performance

Asphalt pavers, or road construction crews, have an added expense that takes a significant chunk of their salary: asphalt boots. Without high quality, specially-designed asphalt boots, pavers may find themselves replacing their footwear once a week.

Road crew work also subjects asphalt pavers to the potential for “hot foot,” blisters, and other injuries common to road construction crews. The solution? Asphalt boots proven to withstand temperatures of 300 degrees Fahrenheit or more, with a non-sticky surface so that the asphalt won’t adhere to them and damage the boots. With the right boots, you can work harder, work longer, and virtually guarantee yourself a steady stream of work — as one paving job concludes, you can be sure there’s another one waiting. You’ll also save money. Investing a little more in the right boots is really the only choice for asphalt pavers.

Obviously, you need a boot that will protect your feet from extremely high temperatures. What else should you look for in an asphalt boot?

  • Non sticky sole, so it lasts longer
  • Easily cleanable
  • Leaves no imprints in hot asphalt
  • Lasts 7 to 9 months
  • Protects feet from the hazardous environment of road construction

Some of the best manufactures of asphalt boots are Cofra(Italy), Monte Bove (Italy), Schutze (Austria), Heckel Securite (France), Nosacks K.K. (Japan), Sievi (Finland). Here is a brief overview of these popular brands.

Cofra – Italy , Asphalt Boots

The Italians are renowned for their footwear, and Cofra asphalt boots are no different. Cofra boots protect feet from temperatures up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. Lightweight, comfortable and, believe it or not, stylish, these boots last for up to eight months of heavy duty road paving work.

Schutze – Austria,  Asphalt Boots

This brand is well known for providing asphalt boots manufactured from oil- and dirt-repellent genuine leather with orthopedic leather lining. The polyurethane body makes them comfortable to wear. The boots resist heat up to about can resist heat about 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heckel Securite  – France , Asphalt Boots

What comes to mind when you think of France? Okay, sure, French fries is one good answer. But we usually think of style and fashion in the City of Lights. Heckel Securite asphalt boots blend style and function, two landmarks of French fashion, to create one of the most effective asphalt boots around. The unique Polycap toecap and extra lightweight design makes these boots easily bendable and extremely comfortable. The perfosafe soles offer resistance for up to 1500 Newton of penetration to protect asphalt pavers feet from all kinds of road hazards. The boots can sustain temperatures of up to 752 degrees (F), making them suitable for the roughest working conditions.

Sievi  – Finland , Asphalt Boots

The harsh, cold weather of Finland means that Finnish asphalt pavers require special equipment — like their favored Seivi asphalt boots. These water-repellent, nitrile boots resist temperatures up to 572 degrees (F) and are non-sticky to last longer. The uniquely designed toecap and metal midsole offer greater protection again road hazards, while layers of energy absorbency make them more comfortable to wear in harsh conditions. Asphalt paving is hard work; you may as well have the most comfortable shoes for the job!

Nosacks – Japan,  Asphalt Boots

Since the days of the Sony Walkman, and even before, Japanese manufacturers have been on the cutting edge of technology. Japanese manufacturer Nosack K.K. employs the same attention to detail, practicality and emphasis on science and technology in the Research & Development of its HSK line of asphalt boots. The flat soles decrease the possibility of footprints on freshly paved roads. Genuine leather construction provides resistance to chemicals and added comfort, while the steel toe cap offers protection against the impact or penetration of sharp objects that are yet another danger of road construction crew life.  The boots’ bright reflectors offer better protection against traffic accidents at sunset, twilight and even in the dark. (Because, really, don’t people see those big orange speed limit road signs?)

Tel Tuk Asphalt Shoes  (USA)

In 1992, the U.S. entered the asphalt paver footwear market with Tel Tuk asphalt shoes. These shoes actually fit on over regular workboots, so you can enjoy the comfort of your own boots and the protection of specialty, heat and penetration-resistant asphalt paving shoes. The metal sole protects from sharp objects, while the rubber layer offers heat resistance to protect against hot foot. These shoes are designed to leave no marks on the pavement, for high-quality, precision work.

Whatever your choice, you’ll save money and protect your feet with asphalt boots.