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Cofra Asphalt Boots: Born to Work

Construction workers and road pavers get hurt. It’s a fact of life on road construction crews across the world. Road pavers may trip on the ridges of their workboots, which stick to the fresh pavement. They might suffer fatigue from uncomfortable footwear, leading to any number of worksite accidents. They can experience heat blisters and “hot foot,” an occupational hazard on road paving crews. But today’s specialty asphalt boots are designed to minimize the chances of accidents.

Much of the technology used in asphalt paving boots has been around for decades, but manufacturers have perfected it to stand up to the rigors and new challenges of today’s road paving crews. Italian asphalt boot manufacturer Cofra has a unique story.

COFRA’s History
In early 1938, Ruggiero Cortellino, a factory worker, set up his own business in Barletta where he recycled tools and raw materials. In a day, he would finish 12 pairs of shoes and sell them quickly. In 1950, he gave his business an official name: Cortelgomma, and a very clear objective: to manufacture and sell work boots and shoes across Italy. Production increased to 2,000 pair of shoes in a day.

In 1970, Cortelgomma became COFRA, and expanded to various kinds of sports footwear in response to market demand. In 1990, as a result of developing technologies and more advanced machinery, COFRA became the first Italian manufacturer to receive UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification, signifying that the company follows best practices for quality and production of their work boots and other specialty footwear.

Today, COFRA Company produces 15,000 pairs of shoes a day and has 350 employees working in various departments: marketing, commercial, design, production and research.

About COFRA Workwear

COFRA manufactures footwear for sports, work, and specialty occupations like asphalt paving. The company’s line of asphalt boots provide workers with the comfort and protection they need for better productivity and fewer disruptions. The Ranger line of COFRA safety shoes offer the best in light, comfortable but robust slip-on safety footwear. These protective slip-on safety shoes fit on over conventional workboots, increasing their durability and protection.

All COFRA work boots and safety shoes are certified ASTM and CSA. CSA certification is much more stricter than ASTM, which means they are some of the safest workboots American asphalt pavers can buy. All COFRA safety footwear features a protective insole, and they are available in 60 styles.

What Sets COFRA Apart?

From its roots in Ruggiero Cortellino’s home to the ISO-certified facilities that COFRA calls home today, the company has never forgotten its main goal: to provide the safety, protection and comfort construction workers need.

Most job sites will not even permit people to entire without the right protective footwear. Safety boots and shoes prevent severe injuries, perhaps even the loss of limbs. But comfort and quality is also important. COFRA stays in touch with its customers’ ever-changing needs in today’s rapidly changing world, and is constantly developing new technology to stay on the cutting edge of safety footwear.

Would you trust your feet to anything less?

Tel-Tuk Tamp Shoes Get the Job Done the American Way

Tel-Tuk tamp shoes are made in the USA and can be worn with any work boots.

These asphalt shoes:

  • Protect your boots
  • Protect your feet
  • Leave no imprints in asphalt, for a cleaner, high-quality job every time

Readily available online and in stores across the U.S., these protective shoe coverings for asphalt pavers retail for about $80 USD.

Manufacturer :  NH, USA

Nosacks K.K. Asphalt Boots “Feel Like Socks,” Pavers Say

Japanese asphalt pavers have relied on Nosacks K.K. asphalt boots for the past 88 years. Today, more than 90 percent of Japanese road construction workers wear Nosacks K.K. boots.

In our pursuit to provide you with all the information you need about asphalt boots, we’ll profile various manufacturers so you can learn more about their product lines and select the boot that offers the ultimate in comfort, safety, quality and value.

Company Overview

  • Company Name: Nosacks Corporation
  • Head Office, Plant: Hiroshima, Japan
  • Date Established : May 5, 1924
  • Employees:95
  • Website:

Business Line:

  • Manufacture and sales of protective footwear, leather footwear and working footwear
  • Sales of protective equipment for health and environmental maintenance goods
  • Sales of environmental measuring instruments, emergency supplies and working goods
  • Manufacture of industrial rubber products

Main Clients: Ministry of Defense Japan , General Post Office Japan, Metropolitan police & police departments, Japanese Railway Companies, various industrial companies such as Automobile, Steel Metal, Shipbuilding, Transit, and Precision instruments.

Nosacks K.K. HSK Asphalt Boots
This Japanese firm is, perhaps, best known for its manufacture of the HSK line of asphalt boots with a number of features that offer superior protection and comfort to asphalt pavers.

  • Protects against hot foot

The boot’s bottom insulated outsole, which is highly heat resistant, lasts longer before wearing out due to exposure to extremely high temperatures and permits workers to stay on the job longer without the danger of suffering from “hot foot” or blisters.

  • Leaves no marks on fresh, hot pavement for a cleaner job that makes clients happy

The flat sole, additionally, leaves no marks on the hot, freshly-paved road; its non-sticky design also helps the boots last longer, so asphalt workers save money on this important tool of their trade.

  • Chemical-resistant and long-lasting

Manufactured from silver-processed cow’s leather, the boots will withstand contact with a number of common industrial chemicals. The process that makes them chemical-resistant also makes them longer lasting.

  • Protects asphalt pavers’ toes from injury

Approximately 20 percent of all asphalt paving injuries occur as a result of sharp objects at the worksite piercing a pavers’ foot or toe. The lightweight yet extra sturdy steel toe in Nosacks K.K. asphalt boots protect against these kind of accidents.

  • Bright reflector patch protects against vehicle accidents, which can injure or even kill asphalt pavers
  • Asphalt workers say the quality leather Nosacks K.K. HSK asphalt boots are as comfortable as socks.

If you’re looking for asphalt books, consider the top choice of Japanese road paving crews for comfort and long-lasting quality.

Cofra Asphalt Boots: Lightweight, Save, Comfortable and Even Fashionable

COFRA (Italy) footwear is a superior brand of heavy-duty, but lightweight safety boots

These high quality boots manufactured by Cofra, a leading name in safety products in Italy, retail for about $146 USD.

Cofra has several manufacturing facilities, including one in Albania. Since launching at the Safety Show in Chicago several years ago in the U.S. and lining up North American distributors, these asphalt boots are becoming popular worldwide. They’ve earned respect due to their exceptional comfort and superior safety.

Some features of Cofra Italian asphalt boots:

  • Heat-resistant outsole to 572º F for up to one minute
  • Flexible APT insole provides 100% protection against heat, impact and fatigue
  • Dramatically reduces foot injuries
  • Composite Safety Toe exceeds ASTM safety standards
  • Extra depth allows plenty of room for orthotics
  • Rugged, lightweight and flexible.
  • Specifically designed for asphalt pavers
  • Men’s sizes 6-13
  • Non-metal toe cap is twice as light as a steel toe cap with the same protection
  • Superior comfort