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High Quality Asphalt Boots: 5 Tips to Choose the Best Asphalt Boots

Asphalt paving can be brutally hard work. Hard on your body, and especially your feet with searing heat and unforgiving hard surfaces. Wearing the proper footwear can help ease the pain.

The right asphalt boots and shoes are critical. But what makes a pair of asphalt boots “right,” “good” or the best asphalt boots available? Let’s explore some of the features that are critically important for asphalt paving.

1. A Flat or Nearly Flat Outsole – This is a key feature of asphalt boots. First, a flat sole, without any or with only shallow tread patterns are best because the they don’t become clogged with pebbles, stones, asphalt and tar. Not only are clogged soles an aggravation they could be a tripping hazard. The other benefit of a flat sole is that without a 90 degree heel, there is impact or impressions in new, soft asphalt. Cofra manufactures a completely flat soled Asphalt Boot. In addition, wedge style boots provide full surface contact with no sharp heel. Thorogood has a number of wedge style work boots that can work for paving such as the Thorogood 8044518 American Heritage Wedge.

2. Heat Resistant Sole – Both the outsole and the insole should be made of materials that can withstand the heat and have some characteristics to minimize heat transfer through the boot sole into your foot. For instance, Cofra Asphalt Boots have a Thermic Insole that insulates against high temperatures due to a special Polyurathane compound. The Cofra Asphalt Boots provide The Cofra sole system has been tested to provide heat resistance for 8 hours against 212 degrees F.

3. Safety Toe – Any footwear worn in road construction should feature ASTM F2413-11 I/75, C/75 safety toe cap. A composite safety toe made from fiberglass and nylon materials will be less likely to transfer heat like a steel safety toe.

4. Full Gusset Tongue – A full gusset shoe tongue is important because the design prevents stones, hot tar and hot oil from getting into the shoe through the tongue lace area. At 300 degrees, getting hot asphalt into the shoe would cause serious injury. A full gusset will also keep feet dry if you stepped in a puddle or have rain water running down your pant leg.

5. Proper Fit – A shoe that doesn’t fit can cause safety issues, health problems and discomfort, as anyone who’s ever walked in a pair of shoes that are too big or too small knows. Your outer sole must have sufficient clamping with the footfall; that means the boot shouldn’t flop when you walk and your foot shouldn’t rub against the inner surface of the boot.

Asphalt Pavers in Italy Eat Pizza for Lunch

Italy is a land of diversity. Choose your adjective and it can fit. As you walk the streets of Italy, you’ll experience culture, refinement, love, abundance, and also the darker, nitty-gritty side of life. But let’s take a look, not at the Italian culture, but about those actual streets, and the asphalt pavers who not only walk those streets, but brought them into existence. They toiled dawn to dusk, dusk to dawn and back to dusk again to form the shapes we tread on every single day and night. Let us take a glimpse at what they do, how they do it and their surroundings.

Let’ explore the technical aspects of their work, first. Road construction is a very structured and step-by-step process that, when looked from outside, appears quite cumbersome and cloggy but, in fact, is quite the opposite. There are very specific tasks assigned to each department and all the departments are very carefully distributed and dispersed. Giant trucks bring in raw materials, coal, petroleum and other products from source spots to the work zones. The carrier labors handle the unloading and spotting. This is the time when the tarmacs are burned and melted in the tremendous heat inside the giant burners. Then come the asphalt pavers who get down to do the real, hands-on work, after the workable tar is brought to them.

The chief variety of asphalt that Italian asphalt pavers use is a mixture they call conglomerati bituminosi, the hot mix. The upper level is called strato di usura, or the wearing surface. The second level is called the intermediate or connecting level and, finally, there is the base level. This is a high quality tarmac, most often used for the roads that are planned to connect significant places or locations. It does not wear off easily and once built, the roads last decades.

Asphalt Pavers: Tools of the Trade
To realize what asphalt pavers go through every day, you have to remember this important point: their work is done while standing on molten tarmac. It’s tough to even conceive how much heat that entails — 300 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit or more … enough to cook a pizza!

This cracking heat, combined with the rough surfaces of unmade roads, creates an infernal surface for them to tread on. That is why they use special footwear called asphalt boots. And Italian pavers always prefer Cofra Italian Asphalt Paver Shoes.

General estimation is that no matter how excellent a shoe is, it will not last the infernal brutality of the smelted pitch for more than two weeks. But in reality, due to the harsh and extreme work conditions, asphalt pavers cannot work for too many days at a stretch. On the ob, they take frequent breaks to protect and rest their feet. With this type of use, a pair of asphalt boots can remain serviceable for at least six to nine months. The right boots keep Italian asphalt pavers safe and comfortable and in the long run, save money, too.

Cofra Asphalt Boots: Lightweight, Save, Comfortable and Even Fashionable

COFRA (Italy) footwear is a superior brand of heavy-duty, but lightweight safety boots

These high quality boots manufactured by Cofra, a leading name in safety products in Italy, retail for about $146 USD.

Cofra has several manufacturing facilities, including one in Albania. Since launching at the Safety Show in Chicago several years ago in the U.S. and lining up North American distributors, these asphalt boots are becoming popular worldwide. They’ve earned respect due to their exceptional comfort and superior safety.

Some features of Cofra Italian asphalt boots:

  • Heat-resistant outsole to 572º F for up to one minute
  • Flexible APT insole provides 100% protection against heat, impact and fatigue
  • Dramatically reduces foot injuries
  • Composite Safety Toe exceeds ASTM safety standards
  • Extra depth allows plenty of room for orthotics
  • Rugged, lightweight and flexible.
  • Specifically designed for asphalt pavers
  • Men’s sizes 6-13
  • Non-metal toe cap is twice as light as a steel toe cap with the same protection
  • Superior comfort